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Leasing and Financing at Key Acura of Portsmouth

Our Portsmouth, NH, dealership offers a range of new and used Acura models and on-site financing and leasing options for options. Let's explore the differences between Leasing and Financing.


Leasing is paying the dealer to rent the vehicle for driving in Durham, NH, for a fixed time. Lease terms are commonly based on 12-month terms and are most commonly set between 24 to 36 months. Factors influencing lease payments include vehicle make and model, credit score, predicted depreciation, and predicted mileage.

Leasing may suit you if you don't drive too many miles in Manchester and like to try new vehicles every few years. You turn it back to the dealer at the end of the term, but you may have the option to buy it. Payments are commonly much lower than financing since you pay for the depreciation rather than the purchase price.


Financing is making monthly payments to a Dover dealer or third-party financial institution to own the vehicle. Periods for financing are commonly 24 to 84 months, and 72 months is the most common period. Financing payments include interest, the annual percentage rate, upfront payment, taxes, fees, required insurance for the loan duration, and add-ons.

Financing may be a better choice if you prefer to drive an Acura vehicle without mileage and customization restrictions and make frequent trips around. Once you make the final loan payment, you'll own the car outright and benefit from selling or trading it for a new one.

Apply for Financing Online with Us

If you don't have time to visit our Nashua area dealership, apply for financing online using our website's convenient shopping tools. It is secure, and you get an answer within minutes of applying instead of waiting for days. You may also use our pre-qualifying tool to determine how much you can borrow without hurting your credit score.